Supplier of Promotional Green Gifts


Xiving is a supplier of seed packets and seed paper in different shapes and thickness. These products can be sold by resellers like you, to companies that want a surprising package of their message. Xiving is glad to cooperate so that you can soon sell our unique products yourself!


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What makes Xiving products unique?

Why should you sell Xiving's sustainable products? Firstly, seed paper or seed packets are a very original way of marketing. They are still relatively unknown and are not sold in many places yet. However, these products are extremely sustainable and can be used in many different ways. That is what we are looking for: products with minimal impact to the environment, but maximum impact on your target audience. 


Of course we are always open for brainstorming about new and original manners to flourish your business. Let's grow!


By ordering our sustainable products, you can enjoy our service right away. This means:

- We are happy to help you on Monday - Friday from 8:30 - 17:00h by email or phone

- You will receive a printing proof within 1 working day.

- Delivery times for unprinted products is 2-4 working days. 

- Delivery times for printed products is 7-10 working days. 



Do you have any questions or comments? We are glad to serve you. Contact us by calling 0031 342 - 745 776 or mail to