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Xiving is a supplier of seed packets and seed paper in different shapes and thickness. These products can be sold by resellers like you, to companies that want a surprising package of their message. Xiving is glad to cooperate so that you can soon sell our unique products yourself!


What makes Xiving seed paper unique?

Why should you sell Xiving's sustainable products? Firstly, seed paper is a very original way of marketing. They are still relatively unknown and are not sold in many places yet. However, these products are extremely sustainable and can be used in many different ways. The Unique Selling Point of seed paper is that the message comes to life in a sustainable way. After customers or relations have read the printing, the paper can be put under the ground. When the soil is kept moist, you can enjoy cheerful summer flowers after a few weeks. That is a really nice reminder of your message, right?


Why would you use Xiving seed packets? 

The seed bags or seed packets from Xiving are an original and stimulating promotional gift! We print the seed packets with your own - full colour - design or just your logo. At Xiving you will find all sizes of packets and you can choose the desired seed type. We supply the seeds, among other things: sunflower, mix of summer flowers and forget-me-nots, lettuce and basil in various sizes full color printed with your corporate identity.



By ordering our sustainable products, you can enjoy our service right away. We have fast delivery times of 7-10 working days for printed products and 2-4 working days for unprinted products. This is because we have our own printing facilities so that we can start printing right away, without another party having to intervene. We deliver our products throughout the EU, so everyone can use those green and original promotional products!



Do you have any questions or comments? We are glad to serve you. Contact us by calling 0031 342 - 745 776 or mail to

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