Green promotional gifts

Greengiving has a wide range of - what else - green business gifts. Here you will find an overview of our growth and blossoming business gifts and promotional items that are not only sustainable, but also actually have a green colour. Many of these flowers, plants and trees are suitable for a mailing, and of course always to invest in your thriving or growing business relations.

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Give well, give green

Would you like to give a nice promotional gift that suits your company? Do not forget nature, and surprise your (potential) customers with an original green gift. How about forget-me-nots ('Looking for a ..., don't forget us!') or a cheerful summery flower mix in growing paper or seed bags to toast on a flourishing cooperation! You can print all products with your own logo, text or website, which makes the sustainable products even more personal. When you value a good life as a company, this implicates a green lifestyle as well.


Sustainable flower bulbs, seed bags and growing paper

We sell the most beautiful products under the guise of green promotional gifts. Real, living products such as flower bulbs and seed bags. Nice Dutch gifts are made with flower bulbs, and seed bags are very nice to add to something or to use as mailing. Our seed paper is also a very original product. This is paper containing seeds of flowers or herbs on which you can print your message. When this is later put in the ground, a beautiful remnant of that message is created: a sea of ​​flowers! Of course we have many more unique products, such as pencils, flower pots and watering cans, all filled with seeds or bulbs for the ultimate green gift.

Environmental conservation and biodiversity are important themes. You can read how you can play a role in this with our green products.


Order green and sustainable promotional gifts

Have you made a decision? Then ordering is very easy via the website, but you can also request a quote first. Then you send the desired print and we make a digital proof, which you must approve before we start the printing process. This is how we guarantee satisfied customers!


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