Seed Paper

Mail that will leave a growing memory, that is seed paper of Xiving. A unique product which will make you stand out in a crowd, but will also leave a lasting memory with both your relations and potential customers. Seed paper is easy to print on, comes in various sizes and can be impregnated with all types of seeds. A sustainable and 'growing' way to really grab your target group's attention.

Printing on Seed Paper

Seed paper can be personalised. Printed in your own colours, in the size you prefer and with seeds of your own choice. Printing on seed paper can be done by Xiving. Once you have supplied us with text and/or artwork, we will take care of the rest. We will make sure that your mail creates a growing and blooming memory!


Unprinted Seed Paper

We also supply unprinted seed paper. Consider unprinted bags or seed paper envelopes. Or how about seed paper shopping bags for fairs, or a letter on your own corporate style paper but with a blank seed paper envelope. This way, unprinted seed paper can also be a form of advertising aimed at relations, customers and potential customers! We will gladly advise you here.


How does seed paper work?

There you are, with a piece of seedpaper in your hand. You have just given it away to your customers and now they are asking all kinds of question you have no idea about. Or maybe you received it from a business partner and you think it's a very nice idea, but you miss the green hands. No problem, we will help you out by telling exactly what you need to do to turn your seedpaper into a flower bed. Read the how to article here.


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